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Dreamlink T1 Plus



The new Dreamlink T1 Plus is now here.  Dreamlink team is back with the upgraded model Dreamlink T1 Plus. This box is more powerful as a result of the small size and the new features.  Dreamlink T1 Plus has a new look on the outside because its new compact case and it is faster because they have doubled the memory.  Dreamlink T1 Plus was made with the latest  Hisilicon Quad-core processor (HI3798C); consequently this box is fast.  It switches between channels in the blink of an eye and loads full movies in seconds.  The heart of Dreamlink T1 Plus is still the same.  Dreamlink likes to keep things simple and most of all, reliable.  Therefore, the inside of the box is the same with all the menus you are already know but in addition to these they busted the software to make it more efficient.


*Note* This item is nonrefundable once purchased and has a 10 day hardware defect replacement. All devices are tested before being shipped.

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